PNOE is for everyone.

From professional teams to local gyms and corporate wellness programs, PNOĒ offers the gold standard in exercise and diet prescription.

PNOĒ’s mission is to democratize cardio-metabolic analysis (AKA VO2max, metabolic testing, Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing, ergospirometry); the most comprehensive and insightful health assessment there is. In just 10 minutes it will reveal a person’s cardiac, pulmonary and metabolic health while providing all the information necessary to develop the most accurate nutrition and workout plan.

What’s Included.

The PNOĒ report: Screen your heart, metabolic, cellular and respiratory health and get the most personalized diet and workout plan.

The PNOĒ PrecisionDiet: Personalized diet plan based on your metabolic profile, diet preferences, restrictions, travel schedule or even favorite restaurants nearby and access to mobile app for workout and meal tracking.


PNOĒ is groundbreaking by allowing the use of technology formerly only accessible to a few selected laboratories. Highly portable and with a well-designed app giving you access to all data, it is a must for passionated athletes having serious goals!

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