Our T&Cs

Terms and conditions in plain English.


No need for fine print. We make it simple.

All “hacks” must be used within 90 days of purchase, and client agrees to be held responsible for covering the cost of subsequent hacks after number of hacks have been purchased. Client agrees to pay for all sessions used and assist in the record keeping by contacting Golden Biohack asap to purchase subsequent hacks /hack packages. In other words, you are responsible for tracking the number of your hacks used and seeing that you have purchased that number of hacks before use. Problems purchasing hacks? Please call us at (303) 277-0190 asap and leave a detailed message.

Client assumes the need to keep payment and memberships method up-to-date. In the event payment lapses, but membership has continued, client will be billed and held responsible for unpaid amount. We do not return payments for days before you informed us of the desire to cancel/inability to use hacks.

Client assumes responsibility for cancelling/renewing membership.

All visitors must complete waiver and intake forms.

GoldenBioHack maintains the right of first refusal.

It is important to note that biohacking is not regulated and not all the methods used are scientifically proven. It is always recommended to consult with a medical professional before making any significant changes in your lifestyle or taking any supplement.