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The Golden Month

Unlimited access to Golden Biohack. Enjoy personalized daily access to all our training and recovery modalities for one incredibly low price. Includes weekly body composition assessment, monthly EEG brain assessment, goal-setting and plan development with our knowledgeable, passionate staff.

Daily access to everything, excluding Cryoskin:


The Golden Month + Cryoskin

All the synergistic power of our popular Golden Month, plus 4 Cryoskin Slimming or Toning sessions PER MONTH! We provide a concierged approach to Golden Biohack and include 4 body-sculpting sessions with Cryoskin in this package.


*For comparison, 4 CryoSkin sessions priced alone would be over $1,000!

The 3 Pack

Your choice of any 3 sessions.

(PEMF limited to 30 minutes per session)


The 6 Pack

Your choice of any 6 sessions.

(PEMF limited to 30 minutes per session)


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Golden Biohack Technology

We offer a wide spectrum of solutions for Performance, Healing, Weight-loss, Focus, Recovery Objectives, and more. Golden Biohack staff undergoes extensive certification and training to ensure your safe and knowledgeable experience.

The world’s most elite health and performance optimization tools – all in one location:

Target and reduce fat deposits. Tighten and tone for a more youthful appearance. Reduce cellulite. Cryoskin utilizes the science behind cryolipolysis, a revolutionary non-invasive application of precision cold and heat cycles for amazing results. Call for your phone consultation and to schedule your first Cryoskin session. 303-531-1661.

Cryotherapy with CryoArctic is a true whole-body cryotherapy experience. Our plush nitrogen-free chamber offers you the option of full or partial immersion in super-chilled, breathable air. Exhilarating head-to-toe benefits include burning hundreds of calories, pain relief, mood enhancement, faster recovery and reduced inflammation. Excellent surge of energy to power your run up the mountain or ARX routine!

Recharge! Lay back and bathe your cells in pure, raw energy to experience life at full capacity. PEMF cellular exercise assists your body’s natural process of exchanging waste out of its cells and taking nutrients inside to optimize and balance body functions—optimizing wellness at the cellular level! Very popular for chronic pain relief! Perfect before or after any training routine.

Signal your cells to heal with NanoVi EXO. During each 15-minute session, NanoVi delivers a bioidentical signal supplementing your own body’s endogenous signal to repair. You have heard of oxidative stress damage and perhaps you try to mitigate this with antioxidants? Did you know antioxidants can only prevent oxidative damage? NanoVi can actually help repair it. Speed recovery and regeneration. Strengthen your immune system.

Red light therapy has proven itself as a powerful tool for athletic recovery, chronic pain, weight loss (by stimulating cellular energy production), skin rejuvenation, and even thyroid support. Bonus: every 15-minute session in our Prism Light pod feels like an escape to the beach, without all the harmful UV rays.

See for yourself why Hypervibe dubs itself ‘The shortcut to a better body.’ Boost energy, improve balance, increase strength and muscle tone. Whole Body Vibration with Hypervibe is incredible tech that stimulates and activates muscles, joints, and reflexology zones without impact or stress.

15 minutes per week is equivalent to hours spent doing conventional strength training. Computer-assisted adaptive resistance with ARX provides equal and opposite resistance in direct response to the user’s force. This adaptive resistance perfectly loads the target muscles, accomplishing large amounts of work in a short time. Think a one rep max every rep, while you think about what you’ll be doing with all your extra time. Anyone can do it (adaptive). No lifting anything heavy (safe). Computers tell you how awesome you are (fun! oh, and incredibly effective).

The research-grade InBody 770 body composition and body water analyzer goes beyond traditional body composition analysis for a complete and accurate look into your body. An excellent way to set and track your progress toward health goals. Great in conjunction with Cryoskin, ARX, Vasper, and any of your fitness efforts.

This 21-minute low-intensity workout tricks your brain into rewarding your body as if it completed a 2 hour session. The Vasper system combines compression, liquid cooling, and interval training to drive the body’s production of growth and recovery hormones, delivering the significant health benefits of those High Intensity Interval Training sessions you’ve heard so much about. We’re not saying you should quit your aerobics class. We’re just saying kick ass the next time you do it!

The Neuro Alpha and Neuro Gamma are next-generation transcranial brain photobiomodulation headsets that fuel mitochondria. Studies show improvement in overall brain function as well as improvements in ADD, Anxiety, PTSD, Concussion Syndrome, Cognitive decline and Addiction.

NeurOptimal® neurofeedback is an advanced brain-training method used by high-performing business professionals, athletes, military personnel, and young people alike because it trains your brain to effortlessly adapt to situations to your life situations. Non-invasive and enjoyable, NeurOptimal® neurofeedback uses a process called dynamical neurofeedback, different from linear neurofeedback systems, with a robust capacity to optimize your ability to function well even stressful situations with less automatic negative stress responses.

Learn like a kid again! Increased neuroplasticity. Halo Sport provides electro-stimulation to the area of your brain most helpful in developing new motor skills. Move closer to your goals whether they be to the guitar like Slash, make the shot like Curry, or sink the putt like Woods.

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