ARX – Adaptive Resistance Training

Universal, Unparallelled, strength and fitness training.

ARX provides equal and opposite resistance in direct response to the user’s force output on both the eccentric and concentric movement.

Adaptive resistance perfectly loads the target muscles at all times, providing optimal amounts of mechanical tension, and never underloading the user. Because of this optimization in training, you can accomplish a large amount of workout volume in a short amount of time. 10-20 minutes a week is all you need to grow stronger and bigger than ever before. More time to do the things you want, less time in the gym.


“It’s ridiculous how much time I saved on training. Not only that, but my physique and performance all improved much faster than traditional training methods. A must-have training tool for anyone looking to get a leg up on their competition or just looking to get healthy without a large time investment.”
Baris Aaron Harvey

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