Photobiomodulation for the brain


The Neuro Alpha and Neuro Gamma are next-generation transcranial-intranasal brain photobiomodulation headsets, with varying pulse frequencies.


Each session is auto-timed for 20 minutes, resulting in specific total irradiation with near-infrared photons of sufficient power density per cycle. Two options are available.

Alpha: The 10 Hz pulse rate correlates with alpha brainwave oscillations and overall enhanced cellular light absorption for overall neuronal photobiomodulation. The 10 Hz frequency has been shown to increase healing.

Gamma: The 40 Hz pulse rate correlates with gamma brainwave oscillations and specifically, enhanced memory function and cognition.


Neurons are able to convert the specific light frequency used by the Vielight to ATP, the fuel source for our Mitochondria. This triggers a cascade of beneficial and energizing cellular events that contribute to enhanced cognition, neuroprotection and self repair. Vielight has been used to help improve symptoms of concussions, PTSD, depression, anxiety and addiction. Ongoing studies indicate Vielight may help those suffering from Alzhiemer’s and dementia. Further, photobiomodulation has been shown to increase blood flow to the brain increasing cognitive performance, relaxation, improved working memory and focus.


“My wife and I bought this device for my mum who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. She lost the ability to remember any event that had taken place years ago. Incredibly, after 4 weeks or more with the device, we are starting to see improvements in her speech and memory.”


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