Pulsed Harmonix PEMF

Pulse PEMF. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy.


The technology that is revolutionizing pain management, cellular health, and wellness! Painless, so relaxing, and so effective!


Feel the difference created as it assists your cells in functioning optimally. What does this mean? Like all our technologies, they have to be experienced to really understand. Pulse PEMF assists your cellular function by “opening the cells” with a safe, noninvasive application of pulsed electromagnetic energy. This is not TENS. If you haven’t experienced PEMF at this level, you haven’t experienced your cells functioning optimally.


Try the 30 minute session to get a sense. Pulse PEMF recommends doing 3 sessions per week. Users experience significant health benefits by committing to at least 3 treatments per week. We offer significant savings by buying Pulse PEMF in multi-session packages to encourage you to optimize your health with this truly amazing technology. Most clients do 10 sessions as part of their commitment to incredible health.


Over a decade ago I had a serious car accident with traumatic brain injury and whiplash. Ever since then I have had a very stiff neck with a reduced range of motion and slight pain when I turn my head. I recently used the Pulsed Harmonix PEMF device, the TruePulse A2000. After using it on my head and neck only a few times, the stiffness and pain are nearly completely gone and my range of motion is greatly increased. In addition, my mood has improved and I got my ‘giddy up’ back. I have much more energy and enthusiasm for life.

I have been in the energy medicine industry for over 2 decades and encountered many types of devices and I am very impressed with the TruePulse A2000. I consider it to be the best value of PEMF devices on the market and highly recommend it.
—Dr. Lisa Tully, PhD


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