Easy Hack at Home Solutions for the Biohacker In Training

Anybody can be a Biohacker!

If you’re not ready to hop onto a Vasper or hit the ARX, these are easy-to-do biohacking solutions you can do at home anytime.


Improve Your Sleep Routine

Turn off that phone and step away from the computer. Electronic screens emit light, which can prevent your brain from realizing it’s nighttime. The consequence is a higher likelihood of having trouble falling asleep.


Healthy sleep leads to so many positive changes, including improved immune system, improved focus and attention span, and elevated energy levels. The internet will still be there when you wake up!


Change Up Your Diet

While it’s always a smart idea to introduce more vegetables into your diet, we’re still not sure what the perfect diet looks like. Nutrition science is always changing with new information emerging daily. In the meantime, introduce more leafy greens like spinach and kale and drink water when you find yourself thirsty.


Start Your Day with Meditation

Meditation may be the easiest way to add some positivity into your routine. Simply sit down, close your eyes, and focus on the way you inhale and exhale. That’s it! Studies have shown numerous benefits of daily meditation practice including stress reduction, alleviating anxiety, and even helping to overcome addiction.


Take a Forest Bath

The ways natural environments hack our brains are still open questions. Time in nature has been found likely to decrease brooding, and increase healing after surgery, among other benefits. If you’re feeling run down in your day to day, take a few minutes to spend some time outside. Even twenty minutes outdoors has been shown to make a positive impact on emotional health.


There are many more easy-to-implement biohacking solutions we could cover, but start with these for now.

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