What if you could get fit in under a minute?

All of us secretly dream of being the kind of superhero you see out and about at 6 AM, headphones in, sweating profusely, running like their life depends on it while the rest of us still haven’t even had our first cup of coffee.


We all wish we could stick to our workout routines, religiously setting foot in the gym every day right on time and hammering out a few miles on the treadmill or the elliptical like a responsible and health-minded individual. In reality though, how often do we find ourselves swamped with other commitments? Between work, family, hobbies, errands, sometimes it feels like even half an hour is impossible to come by.


I would exercise, we tell ourselves, “if only I had the time.”


Well, what if someone told you that you could cut your exercise time in half – say, down from an hour to half an hour? Sounds pretty good right? What about cutting it down even more? What would you say to 20 minutes? 10? 5?


What about 40 seconds?


CAR.O.L (Cardiovascular Optimization Logic) is a revolutionary exercise modality drawing upon years of high-intensity interval training research and cutting edge technology to create a workout that even the busiest schedule can make time for.


What makes CAR.O.L different from traditional workouts?


To put things simply, all exercise works by burning sugar stored in your muscles, known as glycogen. Higher intensity exercise burns glycogen more rapidly. This is the primary selling point for High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts. HIIT workouts are great at delivering serious results in a short amount of time. However, there’s a problem with HIIT workouts – they’re hard. Really hard.


CAR.O.L operates on a slightly different principle, one called reduced-exertion high-tensity interval training (REHIT). Basically, the perceived exertion is lower than HIIT workouts, while still requiring the same level of actual exertion. What this means is, even though you’re operating at your max, it still feels easier than other exercises.


CAR.O.L’s guided REHIT workout forces your body to use its glycogen reserves as energy for your workout radically faster than you would with any other exercise method. What a traditional medium-intensity workout would do in 40 minutes, CAR.O.L accomplishes in 40 seconds. Artificial intelligence personalizes your workout based on your physiology and ability, remembering every ride you’ve taken to optimize your ride and prevent plateaus. Micro adjustments happen in real time to ensure that you exercise at 100% intensity every time – no excuses! Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, on your first ride or your fiftieth, CAR.O.L perfectly calibrates resistance for your workout to ensure that you hit your maximum intensity, every time.


Because every ride is logged, you can even compete with other riders and see how you measure up against the weekly leaderboard. It’s a fun way to stay competitive, and it helps take some of the mental blocks out of exercising by making it feel more like a game.


How effective is CAR.O.L?


In 2019, the American Council of Exercise conducted a peer-reviewed study comparing the efficacy of three 9-minute CAR.O.L rides weekly to a more traditional 5-day-a-week, 30 minutes of medium intensity cardiovascular exercise. CAR.O.L bike participants demonstrated significantly higher gains than participants engaging in traditional cardio exercises, despite spending 80% less time exercising. The study concluded that the CAR.O.L group displayed ‘more potent time-efficient improvements in CRF and cardiometabolic health.’


Users had demonstrably lower blood pressure, overall cardiovascular health, and significantly reduced risk of cardiovascular and metabolic disease compared to the control group. Another study indicated participants being a much lower risk for type 2 diabetes.


Why we love it


CAR.O.L is easy and intuitive (just like riding a bike!) and provides significant benefits with the minimal time commitment, meaning less time in the gym and more time doing the things you’d prefer to be doing. And isn’t that what it’s all about?


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