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At Golden Biohack, our dedicated practitioners truly practice what they preach and are 100% committed to each client’s health and wellness journey. Read on to learn more about our amazing staff.


Ryan Brassell


Ryan Brassell is the co-owner of NFT, a design and engineering firm that provides services and products for the nuclear and aerospace industries, and the co-owner of Golden Biohack. A man of many talents, he holds degrees in criminal justice, finance, information systems management, an MBA and a JD, and is an Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, as well as a certified hypnotherapist.

Helping his dad through his journey with frontal temporal dementia and his mom’s journey with cancer lead him to research and find several of the technologies now offered by Golden Biohack. Ryan’s wife and co-owner of Golden Biohack, Jessica, and their two sons Ragnar and Julian, are his reason for biohacking. Being able to spend more time with them is what drives him to do everything he can to train his mind, body, and spirit.


Jessica Brassell


Jessica Brassell was trained as a Registered Nurse working in oncology, surgical, psychiatric, and long-term care settings. Jessica enjoys helping people learn, succeed, and achieve. This drive help others was the basis of her goal of providing Golden Biohack’s amazing, efficient and effective modalities to a broader segment of the public.  As co-owner of Golden Biohack with her husband Ryan, the pair discovered their shared love of biohacking and now devote their work to this physical and online space attracting seekers such as yourself: individuals dedicated to becoming stronger, faster, smarter, and more resilient.


Crystal Dunkle

Cryoskin Expert

Crystal Dunkle has been a practicing massage therapist for over 15 years and specializes in deep tissue, Swedish, and sports massage. Crystal has also successfully ran a small business for 5 years in education tutoring math and English for k-12. She currently sits on the board of directors of a manufacturing company located in Golden, and is helping her husband establish his new company.

Crystal loves fitness and love to help others gain knowledge through her expertise from massage and stretching. One of her favorite forms of working out is pole fitness, helping her gain core strength and self-confidence. She also loves to hike and spending time with her son, daughter, and husband.

Contact her for an appointment by calling 303-378-6045.


Glenn Streeter

Contributing Practitioner

With a degree in Exercise Physiology emphasizing Sports Medicine, Glenn has been practicing Sports Physiology and Energy Medicine for over thirty years. His clients include world champion and national caliber athletes from a variety of disciplines, as well as celebrities. An avid off-road motorcycle and mountain bike racer, Glenn knows the value of Energy Medicine and pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy. In his holistic healing practice, Glenn employs a variety of PEMF devices, and contributes his knowledge to the alternative medicine community via syndicated radio programs, prominent news outlets, and online subscription services, including Gaia Conscious Media, Making Life Brighter, Starseed Hotline, and In addition to founding Energy MedFit and co-founding Vital Life Services, Glenn also serves on the Executive Board of Pulsed Harmonix, a Colorado based PEMF device company offering state of the art technology at an affordable price.


Arnold Brassell

Biohacking Tech

Arnold Brassell has over 20 years of customer interaction under his belt and specializes in helping clients choose the modalities that will best suit their goals. He enjoys CrossFit as well as mountain biking, volleyball, scuba, surfing, river rafting and everything else. His personal favorite modalities are the cryo chamber and redlight bed.

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