Dr. Stilp this month learning to kitesurf!

Feeling Disregulated?! : Time to Try Something NEW

innovate = to try something new. make changes to anything established

If old school medicine ‘take 2 pills and see me back in the office when a doctor can maybe get you in’ model does NOT work for you… it may be time to interrupt the Healthcare system.  Step into courage AND creativity to OWN YOUR WELLNESS.

CREATIVITY actually improves your HEALTH.  Scientific studies demonstrate the benefits of being creative are many.

  • increased happiness
  • decreased dementia
  • improves mental health
  • boosts immunity
  • makes you smarter

We’re creatures of habit. And sometimes, our predispositions can get us stuck in ruts (and we don’t even realize we’re in one until it’s too late). This blog is a wake-up call to anyone feeling out of sync or stuck. If that’s you, let’s TRY SOMETHING NEW.

innovate is the second (& most FUN) pillar of RISE

Get outside to PLAY.

It’s easy. Drop the ‘To Do’ list and step into the outdoors. Simply going outside and stepping into nature improves your dopamine levels and improves your mood. Dopamine is a FEEL GOOD neurotransmitter that our brains typically want so much more of.

Eat great foods and change your genes.

Your DNA is only 1/2 of your health story..  other 1/2 is up to you and how YOU CHOOSE to create your wellness.. this is EPIGENETICS. Epigenetics is the study of how your behaviors and environment affect the way your genes work.

The nutrients we put in our bodies can reverse or change our epigenetics and serve as a tool in preventing certain developmental diseases and cancer as well as delaying aging-associated processes. This is how we innovate longevity.

Chill the F* Out. Literally!

An ice bath or Cryo chamber goes a long way in improving circulation, deepening sleep, spiking energy levels, and reducing inflammation in your body. Some individuals refer to cold therapy as a libido pill (think vitamin V) for the entire body…  well, that’s a fun BioHACK.

Get out of your rut: choose CREATIVE not complicated.

Time to innovate.


Sonja Stilp M.D. medical expert, adventurer and founder of RISE mixes up her wellness routine often. Need to mix up your wellness? Schedule an appointment with her to innovate your health and wellness journey to RISE. (Check out the above photo of Dr. Stilp this month learning to kitesurf!… creativity keeps the JOY in your sail! )